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New Music: Mac DeMarco

By Felix Mayer, August 6 2015 —

The release of Mac DeMarco’s latest work, the mini-LP Another One, brings another great piece to the Canadian crooner’s already impressive discography. The album delivers the originality and eccentricity that’s come to be expected from DeMarco.

Another One draws most of its appeal from its oddity. The album refuses to fall into the predictable feel-good, bass-dropping patterns of many summer albums. Instead, it’s filled with slow, wobbly guitar lines and a melancholic undertone.

The album sounds like DeMarco tried to create music for playing around bonfires while drinking Bud Light Limes, but then accidentally knocked it to half-speed and distorted it until it sounded hazy and regretful. ENT_MacDemarco

Even Another One’s most buoyant track, “I’ve Been Waiting For Her,” can’t escape this mood. Despite the quicker pace and upbeat strumming, DeMarco’s airy vocals give the song a hint of remorse.

DeMarco strays from his previous frat-boy rock by offering a depth few of his contemporaries can. But the album’s core is still the same drugged- out pop DeMarco is known for.

This is especially apparent on the album’s title track. The song takes DeMarco’s trademark sound and inserts an underlying theme of dejected heartache as DeMarco sings about an unfaithful lover. These lyrics give Another One a weight his previous works lack.

Another highlight is the album’s penultimate song, “Without Me.” The track features guitar warped to sound like a church organ as DeMarco laments unrequited love.

But DeMarco refuses to be predictable by ending the album on such a low note. Instead, he finishes the last track, “My House By The Water,” by giving listeners his full address along with a nonchalant invitation to join him at his New York home for some coffee. Several fans have already taken him up on the offer.

It makes sense why fans are eager to meet him — DeMarco emanates talent and approachability. It’s these traits that make him so endearing, and it’s why Another One is such a joy to listen to.


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