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New Music: Ellie Goulding

By Joie Atejira, November 17 2015 —

London pop artist Ellie Goulding rose to fame in 2010 with her debut Lights, an album exploding with distinct electro-pop sounds and Goulding’s raspy vocals. She followed with the similarly styled Halcyon in 2012. Goulding now returns with her third studio album, Delirium, exploring a drastically different vision and style.

Unlike the harmonious combination of indie, folktronica and EDM of her first two albums, Goulding veers sharply towards straightforward pop on Delirium. ENT_EllieGouldingCover

Many songs on the album experiment with a light, upbeat attitude, most notably on tracks like “Scream It Out” and the infectious “Aftertaste.” But these pieces are partnered with soft, relaxed vocals that lack the high energy and powerful tone of her previous work.

Goulding succeeds in creating catchy songs that will be sure-fire radio hits. While certain songs stand out among Delirium’s 16 tracks, tunes like “On My Mind” and “Around U” blend so well with current radio hits that they’re almost forgettable.

Previously released single “Love Me like You Do” is a highlight as a powerful ballad with a lot to say about romance.

But Goulding’s latest isn’t a total transition to a new genre. Songs like “Something In The Way You Move” and “Devotion” incorporate elements of Goulding’s early electronic dance ballads, while “Don’t Panic” is an excellent crossroads between her former style and more conventional pop music.

Despite this, Delirium is darker, more forthright and mature in its lyrics, reflecting a growth in Goulding’s artistry that’s to be expected after five years in the industry.

Other tracks of note are “Keep on Dancing” and “Army,” both of which feature dynamic vocals efforts.

Delirium presents a more courageous Goulding, unafraid to explore while willing to have fun. But fans expecting to hear something akin to Lights and Halcyon will be left unsatisfied by Goulding’s changes.

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