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New Music: Les Gordon

By Derek Baker, January 26 2016 —

French musician Marc Mifune released his EP Atlas late last year under the stage name Les Gordon. The six-song release is his first under the Kitsuné label, which previously put out electro-pop albums from now-established artists like Two Door Cinema Club and La Roux.  ENT_LesGordonCover

In Atlas, Mifune creates an aural journey with ambience that’s easy to get lost in, fusing electronic beats with acoustic instrumentation. Atlas’s songs are filled with samples of stringed instruments like cello, mandolin and ukulele set over smooth electronic beats. Vocals are present, but they’re used as an extension of the music rather than as its main focus.

The title track is a strong opener for the EP, setting the stage for the rest of the album. The folksy song paints a colourful and organic picture with its sound. The following “Transradio” brings similar treats.

Mifune’s words are hard to understand ­— partly because of the electronic distortions and partly because they’re in French — but all the elements blend together seamlessly to make something truly special.

With only six songs, it’s difficult to tell if there is a clear standout among the set. However, the marimba-filled “Magma” and the darker-sounding “Brume” are both strong contenders. The former is a danceable track that bounces along pleasantly, while the latter is a breathy piece that aptly suits its foggy title.

The upbeat “Horizon” closes off the EP perfectly. With a 6/8 time signature that’s unusual for electronic music, the track showcases Mifune’s creativity and musical talent. Though similar in style to the previous songs, “Horizon” takes on a more positive atmosphere.

Atlas is a serene piece of work by a budding musician. Les Gordon has gained a new fan in me with this release and I encourage you to give it a listen. A full album can’t come soon enough.

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