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New Music: Daniela Andrade

By Derek Baker, July 21 2016

Since starting her YouTube channel in late 2008, Edmonton singer and songwriter Daniela Andrade has gained a loyal fan base by putting her own spin on an assortment of covers and producing a solid repertoire of original work. The artist released the EP Shore on July 15. ENT_DanielaAndrade_Shore

Staying true to her YouTube roots, Shore is meant to be a visual piece as much as it is a melodic work. Each song in the four-piece EP will have an accompanying music video, with the second installment released on July 19.

Shore opens with “Digital Age.” With a down-tempo groove, the opening song immerses the listener in Andrade’s soft, harmonious vocals as she describes the intricacies of love in the 21st century. The jazzy tune is a fun listen and makes for a strong start to the EP.

“Sound” juxtaposes Andrade’s flowing vocals with a slightly jarring beat and is followed by the pleasant Lana Del Rey-esque track “Come Around.” The song highlights a necessary breakup with lyrics  like “I don’t see the light in your heart and when you come around it feels dark.”

The title track closes off the EP on a high note. Simplistically composed, “Shore” uses an acoustic guitar exclusively to accompany Andrade’s vocals. The song is stripped down in its production and leaves listeners feeling equally vulnerable and exposed as Andrade croons about salvaging a damaged relationship. “Shore” is hauntingly beautiful and easily the best song on the EP.

Though largely known for her covers, Andrade’s own creative talent shines through with Shore. The songs of the visual EP
stand on their own and will satisfy fans and potentially create new ones — including myself.

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