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Local Spotlight: Ben Plotnick

By Rachel Woodward, August 4 2016 —

Calgary native Ben Plotnick is a classical violinist and fiddler. He’s known for his work with the Calgary Youth Orchestra and the Calgary Fiddlers. Both of Plotnick’s parents are involved in music as teachers and musicians, so his passion began in his childhood.

“It’s basically been the only job I’ve ever had. In various capacities, I started playing classical music when I was a kid,
and when I turned 18 I went to school and intermittently played in pubs on the weekends and things like that,” he says. “I have been playing and teaching for pretty much my entire professional life.”

Since 2006, Plotnick has released three albums, the most recent being a compilation of his solo work.

His work has evolved over his career after working on various projects with musicians around the world. Plotnick is currently working with Rye & Fairy Tales and Double Cuts. He says his sound has evolved immensely through collaboration.

“I spent a long time as a freelance musician, so I spent a long time playing different styles of music and adapting to whatever the gig might be,” he says.

Even though Plotnick has travelled and made music abroad, he says Calgary is always a great place to return to.

“I always like coming back to Calgary and it’s a pretty cool scene. It’s definitely smaller and it always feels like it’s looking to get off the ground, like it’s about to get there,” he says. “I’ve heard about the start of a bunch of new venues and I feel like it’s about to hit that point where it really explodes.”

Plotnick’s music can be found on his website, as well as your favourite music-streaming service.

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