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New Music: Bastille

By Gurman Sahota, September 20 2016 —

Wild World is the second studio album released by British indie-pop group Bastille. The album is more of the same from the band, which is ultimately a disappointment. ENT_Bastille

Wild World is very similar to the band’s previous work, making it difficult to distinguish this album from previous releases. Wild World isn’t a total failure but it fails to step outside the mold cast by Bastille’s first album.

Many songs blur into one another. For fans who are well-versed in Bastille’s vocals, there seems to be little to no difference between new song “An Act of Kindness” and “Things We Lost in the Fire” off their debut release Bad Blood.

Only on “Blame” does Wild World finally mature. Here, the album gets a bit experimental — more like the band’s one-off cover songs they produce for side-projects such as “The Driver,” which just might be my all-time favourite track by them.

“Blame” sounds like the beginning of Bastille trying something new. They begin to venture from their niche sound — even if it is a small step in doing so.

Despite generally underwhelming tracks, the increased use of synthesizer on Wild World was much appreciated. Perhaps
the album as a whole will grow on me with more exposure. I don’t want to believe I only really love a total of three songs off an album from a band that I’ve always been fond of.

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