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New Music: Danny Brown

By Justin Quaintance, Oct 11 2016 —

On his new album Atrocity Exhibition, Danny Brown entertains in the most disorienting and abrasive way possible, proving he is capable of more than just funny lyrics and politically incorrect verses. ent_dannybrown

The post-punk themes don’t end at the Joy Division reference in the title. The album makes manic and drug-fueled songs sound hopeless and self-destructive. But despite these dark themes, the album maintains the drive and raw bravado Brown’s audiences are used to. This is not a depressing album, but Brown stays true to what he is good at.

Brown wants listeners to know he is still the crazy rapper he’s always been — he still yells “check” at the beginning of songs and uses his high-pitched rap voice. That being said, Atrocity Exhibition is unlike anything he has released so far.

This is most apparent in opening track “The Downward Spiral.” With lyrical allusions to his previous albums and a slow, strange beat, the track shows that his old self is still there, but this album will be something new.

The structure and production of the album also stand out. No song sounds out of place and nothing feels repetitive. The album goes through highs and lows, building up to the intense songs and easing into the eventual come downs.

The production returns to Paul White’s experimental work from XXX. Brown’s rabid style of rapping fits in perfectly. Most   samples sound like nothing you would expect from a hip hop album, yet Brown glides over them like it was common practice for the album.

With guest appearances from Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt, Kelela, Petite Noir and B-Real to pick up any slack, the album feels complete.

This record breaks new ground, and seems less like an album and more of an adderall-fueled journey into the world of Danny Brown. Atrocity Exhibition has more than enough punch for his old and new fans alike.

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