2022 SU General Election Full Supplement

Campus Style: SLC Edition

By Emilie Medland-Marchen, March 28, 2017 —

ENT_SLC_Campus_Style_Justin_Quaintance-9786We tracked down the hottest styles present at Students’ Legislative Council so you don’t have to. Faculty of Science representative Tina Miller is killing it with this salmon pink blazer and lace peach camisole combination. Pale dogwood pink and hot pink were declared some of the hottest shades for women at this year’s New York Fashion Week and Tina’s use of both in one palette is striking. To her right, Medicine rep Sam Sirianni is boasting a deep violet matte lip coupled with a fresh-faced matte foundation. The deep hues of her lipstick echo the blue of her Students’ Union hoodie — and we’re deeply impressed with her commitment to perfecting her fierce lip during the March 21 SLC meeting.







ENT_SLC_Campus_Style_Justin_Quaintance-9781Someone’s taking a cue from the style books of Canada’s wavy-haired man on top. We’re not sure whether SU president Stephen Guscott really has Trudeau fever or if he’s just recently purchased himself a Sock Fancy subscription with that sweet, sweet president’s salary. Beneath the seats of SLC lies a vibrant surprise and we’re into it. Faculty reps take note: put that measly monthly bonus to work and treat yourself to some cool socks.

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