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Campus Style: Summer Edition

By Emilie Medland-Marchen, April 19, 2017 —



“I love this coat so much! Today I was just going for comfort.”

Emily Fenyvesi

Third-year economics major Emily Fenyvesi is rocking this textured posh jacket and plaid scarf combination. Although her jacket is three years old, its timeless cut shows how a good fit is the gift that keeps on giving. The beige and tan notes of the jacket work nicely with the playful green and red notes in an oversized plaid scarf. Black frames and straight hair offer a neat touch to this outfit’s comfy vibes. Adidas Originals add brand polish to a laid-back outfit perfect for exam season.

Emily says this beige Zara coat is one of her favourite pieces — and for the rest of her put-together look, she was just aiming for comfort.




“I just had an exam. It went well, I think!”

Fakehah Faridi

Fakehah Faridi is a first-year kinesiology major who just finished her first exam when we snapped this pic — and we hope it went well! This granite oversized cardigan adds an element of chic to this chill exam look. Black lululemon leggings and a matching undershirt reflect a carefree morning rush, but it’s the cardigan that pushes this outfit into the realm of effortless style. The combination of a neutral palette and  blunt haircut reflects current trends in professional workwear and beauty. We’re also envious of her heavy brows, which are so perfect that we wonder how she got around to doing them before writing her exam. A delicate feather necklace adds a touch of colour to this greyscale outfit, playing nicely off of the combination of skin-tight and oversized threads.




“I got everything from Value Village.”

Matt Verbecky

We’re pretty sure fourth-year sociology major Matt Verbecky came to campus after sipping on a morning cappuccino at Luke’s Drug Mart — or he works there. At any rate, this is the kind of grungy mod style that we desperately wish we could pull off. Matt eschews menswear traditions in an oversized Club Monaco jumper and an off-white scallop tee. The layering of the top-heavy outfit is straight from the ‘90s, and we love it. Black jeans are rolled up to show off well-worn blue and red Reeboks. The outfit is topped off with a Canadian classic — a black toque, pulled tight and rolled up. Matt was smoking outside TFDL when we found him — and his style looked like something straight out of
Thrasher magazine.




“I got the jersey at SportChek.”

Alizain Hemani

To be honest, we’ve spotted multiple students on campus wearing Flames jerseys, which is way too many for a single day. We’re pretty sure that at least four of these were bandwagon fans. At any rate, first-year kinesiology major Alizain Hemani brings the Red Mile to campus with this Sam Bennett and Mason Raymond-signed jersey. This is pretty slick. We tried to make out the other autographs, but we couldn’t read them. Maybe you could help us?

Sam Bennett is younger than most of us and demonstrably more successful, so anything signed by him is pretty cool in our books. Alizain added student sophistication to this sportswear look with a white-gray Hershel bag.

“I got the jersey at SportChek.”

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Campus Style Summer Tips

The 2017 spring and summer trends are on two ends of the spectrum. If you gravitate towards brighter palettes and clashing patterns, experimentation with textures, colours and prints serve you well as the weather heats up. Go for a bright fuchsia, as seen on the runways of Balenciaga and Valentino. Bright yellow is also a must-have colour for a flouncy spring dress. Pairing long pants or a pleated skirt with oversized layering has carried over from fall trends and is here to stay this spring. Power shoulders à la the 1980s and oversized trench coats in khaki or white can be nicely paired with a more romantically cut dress for the working girl.

As expected, Kendall Jenner is bringing the underwear as outerwear trend to the summer months — this spring, she sported a lace bralette on the runways of Alexander Wang. To tone down this bold statement, try combining a fitted bralette with a long, light jacket or a sheer blouse. For lovers of the minimalist palette, the trend is getting a post-modern revamp. Dusty pinks and army green have been added to the traditional monochrome look, as seen in the shows of Bottega Veneta and Hermès. The key to pulling off this look is unexpected, asymmetrical cuts and lots of layers. Try keeping the palette clean and monotone, with an addition of stellar footwear to add more punch to the top-bottom gaze. Strappy sandals and ‘90s inspired mules and clogs are trendy in footwear, as well as the laid-back kitten heel. To accessorize, look for small purses, bags and big earrings — hoops are having a comeback moment right now, but make sure you’re respectful of the cultural history associated with them. Long, neat hair with a blunt cut and bold brows are still dominating the makeup scene. Keep your face clean and let your clothes speak for themselves this summer.

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