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Get down at the club during Clubs Week

By Tina Shaygan, September 19 2017 —

MacHall is once again home to hundreds of students participating in the semi-annual Clubs Week. According to Students’ Union vice-president student life Hilary Jahelka, 222 of the 334 SU sanctioned clubs are participating in this year’s Clubs Week.

“Essentially, it is just a spot for new or old students to check out the different clubs that are offered at the university and see what they’re interested in,” Jahelka said.

Jahelka said her focus this year is revamping the Junior Executive program. The program, implemented in 2015, focuses on ensuring longevity for clubs. Through the program, students are encouraged to shadow current club executives to be trained in order to eventually take on the role of an executive themselves

“Coming in, I really wanted to revamp the [Junior Executive program] because, essentially, since it was implemented it’s just stayed the same. We have 116 clubs that are at Clubs Week that are part of the program,” Jahelka said.

While there are over 300 clubs on campus, Jahelka said that any undergraduate students can start their own club.

“Clubs are a great way to gain some leadership skills and build a new skill. We have anything from hobby clubs to activist clubs to political clubs,” Jahelka said.

Jahelka added that registering a new club with the SU is a simple process for undergraduate students.

“What you need is to be a unique club. We register only unique clubs so there is no competition. The club would also need four executives who are undergraduate students and 20 general members. And you have to follow our guidelines and write a constitution,” she said.

Clubs Week runs in the MacHall courtyard until Friday, Sept. 22. To learn more about registering a club, visit su.ucalgary.ca/clubs.

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