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When to implement fasted workouts

By Tori Taylor, May 31 2019 —

Fasted workouts are a popular training method used by athletes to reach higher fitness levels and weight-loss goals. By working out on an empty stomach, an athlete may be able to maximize aerobic potential and burn more fat as a fuel source. If you are looking to lean out or establish a more disciplined workout regime, it may be time to try a morning cardio session on an empty stomach.  

There are pros and cons to this science and every athlete has different needs. The best time to play around with exercising be fore eating would be in the morning. It is recommended that fasted workouts be done before diving into your busy day. Wake up, grab a big glass of water and your running shoes. With summer hopefully setting in, YYC has the perfect sunlight hours to get on your bike or hit the pavement before classes or work.  

Fasted morning workouts allow an athlete to set a steady pace and exercise for 45–60 minutes without experiencing indigestion or digestion related cramps. You may also find that your intensity and energy levels are higher. If your body is not working to digest a recently eaten meal then all energy and blood flow will be focused on your workout. You may decide, if you are anything like me, to have black coffee or a pre-workout drink right before your morning cardio burst. I often need an extra kick to keep up with my need to run fast and hard. Your body will adjust to this routine and it may become a much loved staple part of your exercise routine.

As you experiment with any new training method, it is important to listen to your body. Not all techniques work for every body. Fasted workouts are not recommended for people looking to gain muscle, nor should you do fasted workouts for more than 90 minutes at a time. If you are weight training, fasting will not help improve your anaerobic capacity. In fact, it may hinder your goals because your body can begin to use muscle proteins as a fuel source which, will have the exact opposite result of what you are training to gain.

With so many awesome outdoor cardio options available in the earlier hours of the day, take some time to try a fasted morning workout and notice the energy difference. It will likely surprise you!

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