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New club: PALgarians

By Sophia Lopez, February 6 2020— 

With Clubs Week wrapping up two weeks ago, the rise of new and eager clubs has begun. Although clubs indeed pick up more awareness at the beginning of the Fall Semester, the newly founded club PALgarians is clearly having no issue in grabbing attention this winter. 

All it took was the compassion of third-year-student Natalie Tilbury, who wanted to help students living outside of Calgary, like herself, create a better and more comfortable University of Calgary experience. 

“Basically, I wanted to try and help students who are living away from home get easier access to resources they may need, adjust to life away from home, and make some connections,” said Tilbury.

As the president and creator of the club, she made sure to mention how PALgarians not only for those who are new to Calgary, but also requires older students who already have experience with the university and city to get involved. She stated her wish to have “…our more senior members to share their experiences living in Calgary and give advice newer students may need.”

More international students arrive in Calgary every year, and Tilbury’s goal is to raise awareness for the lack of events and resources available for those students needing to adjust to a new city or even a new country.

“I’ve heard from a few people that there aren’t really as many opportunities for international students as there should be,” said Tilbury. “These are students who are not only from outside of Calgary, but who are from outside of Canada, so could likely benefit from more support in transitioning to student life here.”

It is evident from what Tilbury has said, that this new club is planning on being one that is very interactive, and very eventful. 

“We’re hoping to have some fun and interactive and laidback activities, where we all just have fun together and get to know each other,” said Tilbury. ”We want to alternate those with more informative and support focused events, like information nights, and various presentations.”

Even though Clubs Week has passed, it’s never too late to join an exciting new group. With only a $5 membership fee, everyone can participate and enjoy the fun activities this club has to offer. 

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