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Toss out the harsh chemicals and switch to oil cleansers

By Tori Taylor, March 2 2020 —

Gone are the days of Proactiv being hurled at us from every media outlet and mall stand. I grew up thinking the more chemical ingredients the better in a face wash. If there was a higher level of salicylic acid — bathe me in it. If that benzoyl peroxide content was above 2.5 per cent — lather me up. I don’t want to say that this doesn’t work for some people as skin types vary so much. But more often than not we seem to fall into the consumer trap for more and more. 

Oil cleansers have taken off in the last few years as people begin to understand that cleaning your face does not mean stripping it of all moisture. When you dry your skin out you actually cause more oil to be produced. This leads to breaks, rashes and flaky skin. There is rarely a reason to dehydrate your face. We live in a very dry place and breakouts can happen from this intense dryness. There are a few oils that are well-known for cleansing and promoting healthy skin.

Avocado oil:

Full of oleic acid (omega-9), avocado oil is considered the gold standard for dry skin. It is a godsend for anti-aging and contains high levels of antioxidants that keep inflammation under control — great for around the eyes before bed. Avocado oil contains palmitic and stearic acids that are actively antimicrobial and heavily hydrating. This oil helps reduce fine lines, wrinkling and discoloration.

Sweet Almond Oil:

Almond oil reduces puffiness and inflammation. It is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps improve uneven skin tones. With such gentle properties, this oil is wonderful for the treatment of eczema and psoriasis. The fatty acids can improve acne by dissolving excess surface oil on the skin. Almond oil is high in vitamin E which can help reduce sun damage and scarring. 

Grapeseed oil:

This is another oil very high in vitamin E. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant which means that it protects your skin cells from the damage it is exposed to daily. The sun, wind, toxic chemicals and gases that hit our skin on a daily basis can lead to early aging and breakouts. This oil is by far one of the best for sun damage as it helps lighten uneven tones and reduces scarring. Grapeseed oil is highly-recommended for healing acne because of the high levels of antioxidant and vitamin E.

Castor Oil:

Castor oil is the one-stop-shop of organic oils. It can be used for just about every hair and skin ailment you can think of. This oil has intense anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties. You can use castor oil as an overnight mask to treat fresh outbreaks, healing sores or reduce scarring. If you are someone that picks your skin and often leaves behind big red marks then castor oil might be perfect for you. You can spread a layer over your face and neck as a bed-time mask and fall asleep. Gently rinse off with warm water. Castor oil is a great aid for any topical infections. It is deeply hydrating and absorbs quickly instead of staying on your skin for too long.

All in all, I would encourage you to do your own googling. Find the best recipe for your needs and begin making your own cleanser! Look for local refilleries or health food stores to find the best ingredients at affordable places. 

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