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SU Teaching Excellence Awards nominations are now open

By Julieanne Acosta, October 20 2021—

The University of Calgary’s Students’ Union (SU) has recognized outstanding professors and teaching assistants (TAs) since 1984 through their Teaching Excellence Awards (TEA). This award is meant for instructors or TAs who have made an impact on students through their courses. Instructors and TAs who are eligible are teaching at the undergraduate level in the semester the nominations are made. 

The SU outlines what an exceptional teacher is on their website. In general, a teacher fit for nomination is a teacher who outlines their expectations at the beginning of the semester, is able to communicate clearly, shows enthusiasm, is fair and consistent and is sensitive to issues of race, gender, disabilities and sexual orientation. 

“I know that it’s been quite the stressful semester for students which is why we want to hear which professors and TAs have been going above and beyond for you. Who’s been giving you that hard-earned extension? Who’s been supporting your learning experience? ” said VP Academic, Renzo Pereyra in a statement on the SU’s Instagram.

Students can nominate their teachers during this fall nomination period through the nomination form on the SU website until Oct. 24. After submissions close, the SU Teaching Excellence committee tallies up the highest numbers of nominations for each professor and TA nominated to survey the class. 

“This is the program that provides us students with an opportunity to provide that reinforcement and recognition back to those who have been going above and beyond to support us,” concluded the statement.

Winners are announced in the spring during the formal awards ceremony. To nominate a teacher, the nomination form can be found on the SU’s website

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