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KAYAM on performing his new single at the Calgary Stampede

By Nimra Amir, July 8 2022

KAYAM is kicking off the summer by opening for Bryce Vine at the Calgary Stampede on July 15 with a performance of his new single “PATAGONIA” — which officially releases the week after on July 22. 

The versatile summer-fling single draws inspiration from the U.K. dancehall genre and Tory Lanez’s melodic rapping style — perfectly capturing what it’s like to be hung up on that one person, no matter who else comes your way. But this innocent obsession, unlike your typical love song, uses the region of Patagonia in Argentina and Chile as a metaphor to commemorate KAYAM’s other stage name, International Q.

“I started International Q to have my music draw inspiration from different places of the world. That is where “BONITA” came from and that is where “NUMBA” came from. “PATAGONIA” follows that same concept,” he said. 

Since recording the demo for the single two years ago at his home studio, KAYAM has re-recorded and mastered the single at a proper studio to enhance the quality of the vocals and the mix. 

“I have done a lot of growing as an artist in the last year,” he said. “I had to refind myself.”

This single is the epitome of who KAYAM is right now — an upbeat summer single that not only shows his roots as an artist but also his growth. Finally being ready to perform it at the Calgary Stampede, KAYAM said the release of the single “is for the fans who have been with me since day one.” 

The anticipation from fans who will already know the catchy chorus from the short snippets posted on KAYAM’s social media will undoubtedly translate at the live performance as they get to hear the rest of it for the first time — matched with KAYAM’s natural presence on stage. 

“It comes down to believing in what you do,” he said. “You need to know you are a star to act like a star on stage.”

This star quality has been established throughout KAYAM’s performancing experience from small gigs to opening for Roy Woods last summer. KAYAM has gotten crowds of all sizes jumping and singing along — whether they are familiar with his music or not. But the Calgary Stampede, as a local artist, holds a special place in KAYAM’s heart.

“The Stampede has always been a cornerstone in a lot of Calgarians’ lives,” he said. “A year ago, or even a few months ago, I would not see myself in this situation. This is huge for me.”

To catch the show, you can buy tickets here while they still last.

To stay updated with KAYAM and the release of “PATAGONIA,” you can follow him on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

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