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anders takes over the summer with Come With Me

By Sheroog Kubur, July 15 2022

anders has quickly become one of the most noteworthy acts to step onto Canada’s music scene. The Toronto native has once again cemented himself as a name to pay attention to with the release of his newest single, “Come With Me.” The song is a refreshing blend of modern synths and percussion and an inexplicable yearning, becoming an easy and revitalizing addition to the normally moody and dark atmospheric energy of his previous releases. 

“Come With Me” is an interesting deviation from his other music in both sound and energy. In addition to being his debut song as an artist signed to Warner Music Canada, the song is much brighter and sonically diverse from other singles. However, this deviation isn’t a complete rebrand, it’s simply a growth in sound — maintaining what he is known for while stepping outside of the boundaries of pop or R&B. It feels like a new version of the singer without compromising his roots. 

“It’s about the early stages of meeting somebody that you just bond with,” he said about the inspiration behind the track. 

The song was born after a trip to Europe. After his return, the rough draft was brought to producer and frequent collaborator, Luca. While workshopping the demo, they were able to create the track that you hear today by focusing on the themes that inspired them rather than the song as a whole. 

“A lot of our creative process involved getting ideas out in terms of music and how we’re feeling about what we’re going through,” he said about the creation of the track. “We decided that would be a good anchor for the record given the way the music felt.” 

Photo courtesy Tiger Saysavanh

The song is the embodiment of those late summer nights when the possibilities seem endless, complete with soothing lyrics and a booming instrumental. It’s made with a heavy and rhythmic bass, but it doesn’t drag down the energy of the song. The bass is instead complimented by the introduction of haughty brass instruments that soon take over, making the song feel both inviting and sensational.

The lyrics evoke a warm aura when compared to the intensity of the instrumental. He gently sings “You got a lot of places you could go, but come with me,” to call the subject. The track as a whole feels like a siren song, using his signature calming vocals to entice listeners into the song. It’s the soundtrack to those days when you decide to let loose and forget about what’s coming next, worrying instead about the now. 

To accompany the release of the new single, anders’ first domestic headlining tour has also been underway. There are 10 dates across the country, including a Calgary show on July 17. The tour will feature another Toronto native, Dom Vallie, and upcoming rapper Roderick Porter. As to what fans can expect for the shows, anders advises to be prepared for “a little bit of everything.” 

The single, “Come With Me,” alongside the rest of his discography is available on Apple Music, Spotify and wherever else you stream music. While you’re checking out the track, listen to his other albums and singles to get a feel for good Canadian R&B. After you’ve done all that, get a ticket to one of his shows because that’s certainly something you won’t want to miss.

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