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Best and worst washrooms on campus

By Ava Zardynezhad, Logan Jaspers, Ramiro Bustamante Torres, September 16 2022

During the course of a school day, you will find yourself using the campus washrooms for various reasons — when you gotta go, you gotta go. We can only hope to help you use the right facilities on campus and avoid the wrong ones. Here’s a list of the best and worst washrooms on main campus. 

Best women’s: Craigie Hall C, Basement 

This bathroom is a hidden gem, so consider yourselves lucky we’re sharing it with you. The bathroom is a little bit older so it doesn’t have a touchless faucet or anything fancy, but it’s quiet, it’s clean, it’s got a mirror and an endless supply of paper towels. What more does a person need?

Best men’s: Earth Sciences, First floor 

This washroom is nice because it’s located in a more central area, so you can always pop in when you have to go between lectures — especially if you have to go from Science Theaters to the Engineering building. The washroom has lots of working urinals available, which is convenient. Beware of the crowds during rush hour. 

Worst women’s: MacEwan Hall, Main Floor 

There might be many washrooms across campus that aren’t great — but this one is as bad as they come. The stalls are super small, the washroom gets dirty quickly because everyone is using it. They only have hand dryers so don’t go in there expecting paper towels and for some reason, everything is wet, all the time. 

Worst men’s Part 1: MacEwan Hall, Third floor

If you think there’s a trend, you’re not wrong. MacEwan Hall isn’t the best location to use washrooms. This washroom has one working urinal and one working sink and that’s it. That being said, this washroom — as well as the women’s washroom on this floor — is super convenient for those who want to use the Multi-Faith rooms, since it comes equipped with wudu stations. 

Worst men’s Part 2: TFDL, First floor 

This washroom also suffers from the one-working-urinal problem. But fortunately, there are five other floors you can resort to if you really have to use the washroom when you’re at the library. 

Gender neutral: MacEwan Hall, Main floor

The most central gender neutral washroom on campus is located on the first floor of MacEwan Hall, a floor below the Gauntlet office, right where Wetzel’s Pretzels — rest in power — used to be. This location was quiet and safe prior to the pandemic, we hope it stays that way.

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