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Paramore releases new single “This Is Why” and they’re touring again

By Ramiro Bustamante Torres, October 17 2022

I am in the business of misery, but now things are looking up. That’s right, Paramore has come back from a hiatus and they’re still together. Actually, they’re so together rumours have been confirmed that singer, Hayley Williams, and guitarist, Taylor York, are dating. You’ve heard it hear for the twentieth time folks. 

On Sept. 28, 1:15 p.m. EST, Paramore made an appearance to debut their new single “This Is Why” for their new album — of the same name. The single was already released on streaming platforms earlier that day but the music video premiered on YouTube. It was preceded by a message from the band themselves, which in-true post-pandemic fashion, they were muted for the entirety of it. Thankfully, the music video was not muted and went through without a hitch. 

While Paramore has already begun their tour on Oct. 2, their sixth album This Is Why is scheduled for release on Feb. 10, 2023. From the glimpses we’ve gotten from the singles, Paramore’s sound has once again evolved into something new. The shift from their most recent album’s synth-pop vibes to a math rock-inspired single has shown that they have experimented with their sound and, in my opinion, succeeded. The lyrics and vocals are still consistent with their sound but with a more mature tone and the story being told as the band also has aged in the last 20 years. 

The music video itself has also contributed to setting the tone for the coming album which seems to follow the trend of their previous album, After Laughter, and Hayley Williams’ solo album, Petals for Armor — navigating mental health issues and taking agency of your own life. Many of the shots and actions that are done in the video resemble life during the pandemic and the lyrics allude to that along with the hardships of the band having their lives made public.

With two singles out and concerts already underway there were some issues with the way they went about selling their concert tickets, especially their Los Angeles show. Paramore worked with Ticketmaster to use their Face Value Ticket Exchange — a program that allows fans to buy tickets from other fans at the original price, as long as both parties have a Ticketmaster account. While this tactic is used to fight resellers hiking up prices, it can also make it harder for some fans to be able to get tickets for shows — as well as ticket prices being higher than before and venues smaller than expected. The Los Angeles show is one of the few places that allow this type of program but other methods are being put in place for the rest of the shows abiding each state and region laws. 

There are a variety of locations for the tour including the usual choice of Toronto in Canada even if there aren’t many places on the list. There is a “request a show” feature on their website which I would like to invite anyone who is a fan or has some free time, to request a show in Calgary to maybe increase more band presence in our truck-filled city. If you are interested in tour dates and places, check out their website www.paramore.net/tour.

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