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FROSH 2023: Join a club

By Rodrigo Verney & Sheroog Kubur, September 5 2023—

The University of Calgary houses a multitude of clubs catered to all of the various niches that exist within the campus. There are department-associated clubs, but sometimes a club is one of the best ways to make sure you’re not drowning yourself in schoolwork. Here’s a list of a couple of clubs that are active and putting on interesting events throughout the year. 

UCalgary Fashion Network 

The UCFN has exploded in activities in the last year, hosting clothing donation events, movie nights and the occasional style analysis and pop-up thrift stores, inviting local vintage and clothing sellers to flaunt their stuff. For anyone mildly interested in fashion, there’s no shortage of events put on by the UCFN, so don’t be afraid to attend a few.

Food Justice Now 

While not technically a club, FJN is an initiative by U of C students to address food insecurity on campus. They give out free meals on specific days throughout the year, often provide snacks to major campus-wide events and are always looking for volunteers to assist in their initiative. Follow their Instagram to keep up to date with everything they’re up to.

Cultural clubs 

Living in a new country is one of the hardest experiences you can go through. Between adapting to a new culture and dealing with homesickness, you still have to navigate the immense amount of studying you will have to do. Safe to say, no one should face this alone. Luckily, there are many clubs that are focused on connecting you with people from your country and promoting events that celebrate your culture.

Alternative sports clubs

Whether you are a sports enthusiast looking for a new hobby or a newbie trying to find a new fun exercise, you might want to consider some more niche sports. The U of C is home to many alternative sports clubs such as an esports club that holds workshops and events all year long. If you are more of a traditional board game player, check out the U of C Chess Club which holds tournaments, events and social gatherings throughout the year. Looking for more adrenaline in your arteries? Try the Boulder Climbing Club or the Ski & Snowboarding Club. Either way, you are guaranteed excitement. 

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