2022 SU General Election Full Supplement

Graphic by Daman Singh

FROSH 2023: Try media with Tri-Media

By Sheroog Kubur, September 5 2023—

The Gauntlet 

This magazine was created by none other than the university’s answer to students wanting to get into journalism — the Gauntlet. As the U of C’s independent student-run publication, the Gauntlet is covering anything and everything relating to the campus, community and beyond. The physical editions cover the latest news on campus, reviews and previews for events happening around the city and opinion pieces about the socio-economic state of the world. The website includes all that and then some — including regular fashion columns and podcast recommendations. 

To get involved, simply send an email to volunteer@thegauntlet.ca and attend a volunteer orientation with Dianne. Afterwards, you’ll be able to write for any section at any time under the guidance of the editorial team. For those interested in journalism or looking to build a portfolio, this is the ideal place. 


Graphic by Daman Singh

For all the visual artists out there, NUTV is the best place to dip your toe into the world of filmmaking. Throughout the year they hold regular workshops about all aspects of filmmaking and often give opportunities for volunteers to be involved however they can — whether they’re behind the camera or in front of it. There are also plenty of projects happening currently, including the recently wrapped Dame’s World and the continuing Local Tourist. During the summer they also host their annual summer film school, where participants can create their own short film that will be screened in September. 

To get involved, email info@nutv.ca to get in touch with their volunteer coordinator. From there, attend one of their weekly pitch meetings to share your ideas and be in the loop with the productions they’ll be partaking in throughout the year. 

CJSW 90.9 FM 

Photo by Daman Singh

Have you ever been walking around campus and seen a green sticker reading CJSW? That’s the mark of the campus’ community radio station. CJSW offers live radio 24 hours a day for 7 days a week, with music programming ranging from bubblegum pop to the grimiest of punk and spoken word programs that cover topics you might have never heard of, like the art of wrestling. 

To get involved, send an email to office@cjsw.com and get in touch with their volunteer coordinator, Christy. From there, you’ll be able to start volunteering by writing music reviews, scripting on-air content, producing audio and eventually making your way on the airwaves.

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