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Top five last-minute Halloween costumes for 2023

By Maham Fatima, October 29 2023—

Don’t have a Halloween costume yet? Don’t want to go as a generic cat or tourist? In the spirit of Halloween, we are here to help you with some creative and easy costumes. 

Barbie or Ken

With so many iconic looks to choose from this movie is the perfect inspiration for a Halloween costume. The best part is you most likely have items that work with this idea already (you can reuse your outfit from seeing the movie). 

You can wear your best pink outfit if you go as stereotypical Barbie. Remember “pink goes with everything”. Or reuse your Stampede look and go as Western Ken or Barbie. You can also channel Ken in an all-denim ensemble. My personal favourite is Weird Barbie. Grab a bright dress and splatter some paint on it. Style your hair as weirdly as possible and use your makeup to create Weird Barbie’s eccentric style. This costume is very easy to create from things you already own making it fun, easy and cheap. 

Wednesday Addams

Chanel the Addams family this year using the recent show as inspiration. If you have black or black and white items in your wardrobe this costume will be very easy to create. I suggest a black dress (or a black top with a skirt) and black leggings or tights. Add a pair of black flats or boots. But, the most important part of this costume is the hair. Style your hair in Wednesday’s iconic braids. If you are not into dresses, you can also go for an outfit with black and possible hints of white while keeping the signature hairstyle. Bonus points if you can add a Thing prop. You can also choose to focus on another member of the Addams family or one of Wednesday’s classmates like Enid. 

Taylor Swift’s Eras tour

Channel your inner Swiftie this year with Taylor Swift’s Eras tour (or film) outfits. You have plenty of options with so many eras with their own distinct styles. You can play on outfits she has worn, aesthetics or colour schemes. One easy idea for 1989 is to wear a fedora with a white shirt with “a lot going on at the moment” written in it with black shorts or pants and some red lipstick. You can easily DIY the shirt or purchase it. The possibilities are endless: a bejewelled look from Midnights, a country look from Fearless, a cozy Folklore outfit or an edgy and dark look with snakes for Reputation. Pick your era and put together a costume from your closet. Match your accessories and makeup to the era. 


Mario enjoyed his time at the movies in the 2023 animated movie. A super easy costume that you can go solo or partner up with (changing the colours can easily modify this costume to Luigi or Wario). Start with a red T-shirt. Add a pair of jeans and suspenders or overalls. Find a red hat and apply the Mario logo on the hat. You can use white felt to add the M to your hat. Finally, add a fake mustache. These can be found at most dollar stores. A simple and easy last-minute costume that isn’t a cat or a tourist. 

Hailey and Justin Bieber Krispy Kreme x Rhode

Lastly perfect for a couple’s costume or partner’s costume is the iconic moment at the Rhodes and Krispy Kreme partnership event. For Hailey’s look dress as glam and elegant as possible preferably with a red dress. Style with a small matching purse and an elegant updo. For Justin, grab your comfiest pair of gray sweatpants and a hoodie. Style with a pair of Crocs and a coloured hat to be worn on top of your hoodie. The conflicting style makes a fun costume.

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