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Fond memories of junior high at video dance

Melanie Bethune, September 4, 2014 —

New first-year students were treated this week to a MuchMusic Video Dance, bringing back fond memories of punch bowls and breakups set to Taylor Swift songs.

The event, hosted in MacHall, was attended by incoming students looking to relive the classic junior high dance, only this time as adults.

“I really liked how awkward everybody was,” said first-year arts student Sarah Dell. “Since I turned 18, I’ve been out to the clubs around Calgary and this was nothing like that — nobody quite knew how to interact with each other, so we just jumped up and down, fist-pumping the entire time. When the DJ told us to scream, we screamed. When an impromptu conga line started up and simultaneously dissolved I just went along with it.”

While most attendees hadn’t been to a MuchMusic Video Dance for half a decade, they all reported that slipping back into the environment was incredibly easy.

“I remember going to a MuchMusic Video Dance in the ninth grade,” said incoming engineering student Ray Anderson. “And there was nothing I wanted to do more in my first week of university than relive that experience. This time, instead of shuffling to LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem, we were twerking responsibly to the censored version of Nikki Minaj’s Anaconda. It was good clean fun!”

Several smoke machines and laser light shows helped set the mood while top-40 hits blasted from large speakers. Not every song played had the kind of groove worthy of getting jiggy with it, but that didn’t stop students from trying. Orientation Week leaders in the centre of the room ignited rousing break-dance circles, while many first-year students sat awkwardly off to the side, mirroring the infamous gender divide of pubescent social gatherings.

“Grinding felt so taboo,” said Anderson, who is 22 and five years removed from his most recent high school dance. “I kept thinking that my high school math teacher was going to tap me on the shoulder and tell me to leave room for Jesus.” 

Attendees were treated to a moment of softness with the obligatory slow-dance to a mid-2000s rock ballad, during which half of the students conveniently took a bathroom break.

Students looking for a change of pace can look forward to upcoming Thursden events, where it’s guaranteed that Hinder’s Lips of an Angel will be traded for the lips of a hormonal sweaty boy under the glaring lights of The Den. 

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