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SU maps campus study spots

By Carmen Khuu, October 16 2014 —

After surveying students on their favourite study spaces on campus, the Students’ Union released a study space map to help students find an alternative to the crowded Taylor Family Digital Library (TFDL).

The guide is available as a brochure or online on the SU website. It’s the product of a year-long study space audit that began in 2013.

“Study space has always been a huge issue for students,” said  SU vice-president academic Hana Kadri. “The spaces we suggest in this [map] are spaces that would rival that of the TFDL.”

The TFDL can’t accommodate the study needs of every student. To provide better alternatives, the SU map shows existing spaces for students to consider.

The guide provides useful information for each space, such as the number of seats available, number of plug-ins, hours of operation and whether or not food is allowed.

“It’s a tangible alternative to what they offer at the TFDL,” said Kadri, who studies in the Law Library when the TFDL is full.

Fourth-year environmental science student J.R. Dequina said that while the map shouldn’t substitute exploration, he’s glad to know it’s available.

“There is no doubt that students, especially in their first and second year, will find this guide very helpful,” Dequina said.

Dequina mentioned, however, that certain icons were incomprehensible and the map would benefit with a legend.

Find the study space online at su.ucalgary.ca/studyspace. Suggestions for new spaces can be made to the SU’s Twitter handle.

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