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Surveying student reaction to market modifiers across the province

By Priya Ramesh, October 16 2014 —

Thursday Oct. 9 saw students at Mount Royal University (MRU) protest in reaction to talks of course-fee hikes known as market modifiers.

Dozens of students marched with signs showing their dislike of fee increases and promoted future investment and funding for the institution.

Tuition for the business, nursing and science programs at MRU will rise if the school’s market modifier proposals are approved by the Alberta government on Nov. 17.

Two law students at the U of A started an online petition last month regarding the school’s 58 per cent price hike per law course. The petition emphasized the lack of student consultation regarding the potential changes, a sentiment that echoed MRU’s protests and University of Calgary student concerns as well.

Student leaders at the U of A have not openly planned any student protests.

In 2010, when market modifiers were first introduced hundreds of students demonstrated in MacHall and attended Students’ Legislative Council at the U of C in protest.

Students at the University of Lethbridge followed MRU’s example and began talks for a potential protest stating that the “proposed fees are completely unexpected” and have had little student support.

An official statement was released Tuesday, Oct. 14 from the U of L Students’ Union to show that student s reject market modifiers at the university.


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