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Students’ Union offers lobby training program

By Fabian Mayer, January 12 2015 —

The Students’ Union is launching a new program teaching students how to lobby governments. The three-hour workshop will be held on Jan. 18.

Vice-president external Romy Garrido organized the session. She said there are few resources available for student groups planning to lobby public officials.

“We’ll be offering tips and tricks and things that we have learned with our own lobbying,” Garrido said.

The workshop will provide training on etiquette and lobbying tactics. Former PC spokesperson Tom Olsen and political strategist Zain Velji will help teach the session.

Garrido believes student groups run effective awareness campaigns, but thinks they need help with the other side of advocacy.

“When it comes to lobbying, putting on a suit and going into an office is really intimidating and that’s what we’re aiming to teach,” Garrido said.

The program’s 30 spots are full.  Students hoping to be added to a waitlist can apply at the SU’s website.

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