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Study proves train emoji most sexual of all emojis

By Melanie Woods, January 28 2016 —

In a recent study by the Institute for Emotive Communication, the emoji depicting a classic choo-choo train was revealed to be the most sexual of all emojis.

The study analyzed the responses of 6,900 participants.

Head researcher Chad Throbson wasn’t surprised by the results.

“Nothing gets me going quite like that sweet choo-choo,” Throbson said.

Throbson said that other researchers expected the popular eggplant emoji to pull out ahead.

“The choo-choo train encapsulates all aspects of sexual love and desire,” Throbson said. “Not simply phallic, it invokes imagery of the sexual need and the sexual act simultaneously.”

A grassroots organization called Mothers Against Train Emojis (MATE) has sprung up in response to the teens’ overuse of the icon.

“My son Daniel will not be using foul train langauge or anything like it,” MATE founder Patricia Levin said. “I will find a way to delete the possible use of it or any similar icons — subway cars included — from his device.”

When asked for comment, Daniel Levin replied with an “ok sign” emoji  followed by two corncob emojis.

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