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New Music: Moël

By Rachel Woodward, September 27 2016 —

Ethiopian singer-songwriter Mewael Hadera — who goes by Moël — currently lives in Calgary and has just released his first EP, EllipsisENT_Moel

The four-track release features the calm, relaxed vibes that Moël  thrives in. The album demonstrates smooth and catchy tracks like opener, “Beautiful Gold,” which features fun and simple lyrics set to a sweet and equally simple melody. The track is the perfect song for driving around or setting the soundtrack to a study session.

The EP builds in complexity with the second track, “Let Me In,” which features an intro of strings and an easy-listening beat with gentle vocals. Moël’s vocals on this track stand out, with Ed Sheeran-esque riffs and simple, romantic lyrics. This track also features a relaxed melody and simple harmonies.

The album demonstrates a perfect example of easy-listening and sets the tone for future releases from the musician. The tracks are simple without being boring and play along with familiar chord progressions matched with fun lyrics and harmonies.

The third track, “Home,” is a wonderful example of the simply-produced EP’s gentle rhythms and breezy tunes that are sure
to keep listeners’ feet tapping away.

In contrast with its start, the album ends with more of a focus on Moël’s vocals set to less defined background music. “Keep Moving” is a fitting final track on the album, as Moël speaks of moving on.

While the album is meant to tell love stories, it comes across less like a collection of deep cuts and more as a Jack Johnson
style album with fun tunes accompanied with some lighter lyrics. Moël’s first release will surely place him on the map of the Calgary music scene. As a local Jason Mraz or Jack Johnson, Moël will without a doubt provide easy-listening to the city’s open mics, house concerts and shows for years to come.

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