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New Music: The Flaming Lips

By Gurman Sahota, January 24 2017 —

The Flaming Lips recently released their 17th delectably weird studio album, Oczy Mlody. But unlike previous releases, the album has no real hook to grab the listener’s attention. The band torments listeners through their use of experimental and new sounds, forgoing usual narrative structures. ENT_LIPS

Those hoping for something easy to listen to or the sound of Flaming Lips’ other albums will be disappointed. However, those interested in something more avant-garde and fresh will be pleasantly surprised.

Having as varied a career as the Flaming Lips can make it difficult for a band to continue to push musical boundaries and make something new. But Oczy Mlody proves that after nearly 34 years as a band creating music, the Flaming Lips still manage to produce an album that defies convention.

Frontman Wayne Coyne’s lyrics are minimal on the softer, more electronic album. It isn’t until the end of the album that there is a moment in which classic, lyrical narration is present.

“The Castle” sounds more traditional with seconds of instrumentals followed by an onslaught of quirky lyrics. It’s a song that might borderline on being boring but is very welcome on the unusual album. It was a comfort to have such a song cut through an album made up of bandmates experimenting and playing around with their equipment.

Oczy Mlody isn’t in the same vein as the Flaming Lips’ previous releases. If anything, after 17 studio releases, countless compilations and that odd Miley Cyrus collaboration, the band can afford to have a one-off album. They’re awarded the luxury of producing an album where they don’t subscribe to any strict formula.

While the album doesn’t seem to warrant multiple listens, it is still a trippy escape for when listeners are in the mood to try something a little freaky and out of the normal.

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