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Windigo to bring new music before end of 2017

By Rachel Woodward, January 24 2017 —

During the late months of 2011, Anthony Kameka and four fellow Calgary musicians formed Windigo, an indie-pop and rock group. Almost five years later, Kameka now leads three new bandmates — Del Coburn, Tory Rosso and Mitch Cooper — as the band sets out to release their latest full-length album.

Kameka says that through the transition of bandmates, the group has evolved.

“It’s along the same vein. I’m still writing the songs — so it’s the same songwriter — but it features a new collection of musicians,” he says. “I think we’ve matured in our sounds.”

The band will release their next album later this year and will start releasing singles in March. They plan to embark on a national tour from March to May, starting in Nanaimo and ending in Montreal.

As Calgary-based musicians, Kameka says that the community in the city has been nothing but nurturing to the group.

“It’s been very supportive. I think it’s been growing at a crazy rate. Every day there’s a sweet new band here,” he says. “There are lots of venues that are willing to book you and support you. If you have a CD release, they will be happy to host you. We’ve been lucky enough that we’ve played so many shows at home, we’ve got to work on our craft and make a lot of friends in our community. It’s a great community. As far as venues and fans, there’s plenty. It’s great.”

Having played over 200 shows during their existence, the band is ready for the next challenge. Kameka says the upcoming album was recorded to sound as close as possible to the band’s live performance.

“The songs are all live off the floor, we just did everything in one take — even the vocals. It’s got more of a rock and roll, psychedelic vibe than our past releases which have been predominantly more pop-y,” he says.

For more information, visit windigomusic.ca

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