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New Music: Ed Sheeran

By Rachel Woodward, March 21 2017 —

British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran recently emerged from his year-long hiatus with his third full-length album, ÷. The album features singles “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill,” both of which have bombarded radio stations for the past few months, but also includes 14 tracks that both old and new fans of the musician will surely cling to. ENT_divide

The album begins with “Eraser,” a track similar to “You Need Me I Don’t Need You” on Sheeran’s previous album, +. Rapping still feels new from the singer known for his heartfelt crooning, but it fits the album in a way that almost feels like catching up with fans through storytelling.

“Dive” is my personal favourite on the album. For those who have listened to Sheeran for a long time, the song feels like a familiar serenade. This is a track that can easily accompany a night with a broken heart or can be belted out on a long car ride home.

Sheeran tunes into an Irish sound with “Galway Girl,” which tells the story of an Irish woman falling in love with an English boy. The song takes the album on a different turn while also being fun and telling a good story.

Near the end of the album, Sheeran presents an entirely different sound. “Barcelona” features lightweight melodies and a tropical ambiance that seems out of place for the album that feels like a collection of emotional moments from the past year. “Bibia Be Ye Ye” continues this trend with unique sounds and melodies that lets Sheeran cross genre boundaries. His year of travelling is honoured in these tracks.

Overall, the album should be welcomed by fans who missed the iconic redhead’s ballads and emotional reflections. While he definitely takes risks in this addition to his discography, it opens doors for Sheeran to with different genres and new sounds.

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