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Kinesiology building to receive funding for study space renovations

By Tina Shaygan, March 31 2017 —

Faculty of Kinesiology students at the University of Calgary can look forward to revamped study and lounging spaces next year.

Among the Quality Money projects approved by Students’ Legislative Council (SLC) on March 28 was a $448,395 proposal to create a new student space in the Kinesiology complex.

According to the project proposal, the funding will go towards upgrading KNA 180. The renovations will include new seating as well as collaborative and individual spaces.

Students’ Union kinesiology representative Sagar Grewal submitted the Quality Money proposal last November. He said he initiated the project to address the growing issue of a lack of study and social spaces in the kinesiology building due to increased enrolment in the faculty.

“Study spaces in kinesiology have been falling apart over the years,” Grewal said. “[The] last time study spaces in kinesiology were renovated was about 10 years ago, so it’s just to make sure we still have spaces for students.”

Kinesiology dean Penny Werthner said the faculty is looking forward to the new spaces.

“I think it’s so important that students aren’t just on campus for their classes,” she said. “That is obviously important but I think it’s important that they also spend some time here and are with other students and create some sense of community.”

The Kinesiology Student Society (KSS) also supports the renovation project.

“The KSS has greatly appreciated Sagar’s work and effort into the upcoming study spaces within the kinesiology building,” the KSS said in a statement. “We hope that all students will soon see the study spaces Sagar has been planning all year for.”

Grewal said he hopes the new space will act as both a wellness and study area for kinesiology students.

“It’s going to feature a lot of natural lights and will have nature and plants. Instead of walls we’ll have dividers, which are only about four or five feet high and the top of the dividers are actually planters for wild grasses and flowers,” he said.

Grewal said he consulted with kinesiology students and faculty before writing his proposal.

“I put out a consultation survey through D2L and that was answered by 195 students — just under a quarter of the faculty. And that was only in about a week’s time,” Grewal said.

Grewal was recently re-elected as SU kinesiology representative in the 2017 SU general election. He said he looks forward to continuing to work on improving student spaces in his faculty in his second term.

The project — alongside the other recommendations approved by SLC on March 28 — will go to the U of C Board of Governors for final approval in May. If approved by the board, the funds will be allocated in the summer.

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