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U of C’s only three-year degree program up for termination

By Saima Asad, April 27 2017 —

The University of Calgary’s only three-year degree program might soon get the boot.

The Faculty of Arts is considering discontinuing the Bachelors in communications and culture (BCC) program due to declining interest from students. Enrolment in the BCC has declined over the past decade, from 316 students in 2006–07 to just 29 this year.

The proposal to terminate the BCC came after a review from the Faculty of Arts Curriculum and Academic Review Committee (CARC). CARC also passed a proposal to restructure the four-year Bachelor of Arts degree in communication and culture to be more multidisciplinary.

“In light of the steep decline in enrolment in the program and the anomalous nature of a three-year Bachelor’s degree in a research-intensive university, the subcommittee recommended closure of the BCC and the restructuring of the four-year BA communication and culture degree to make it a true multidisciplinary degree,” associate-dean for the Faculty of Arts Virginia Tumasz said.

Tumasz said another reason for the program’s proposed removal is its lack of focus on research.

“A three-year bachelor’s degree does not align with the value placed on research in the Faculty of Arts or with the University of Calgary’s priorities as a research-intensive institution as articulated in the Eyes High strategy,” she said.

Tumasz says the process is far from complete. She said the two proposals have been forwarded to the Faculty of Arts council for consideration this month.

If approved by the council, the proposals will be recommended to the appropriate General Faculties Council subcommittees. If approved by those bodies, the proposal to suspend enrolment and eventual termination of the BCC will be forwarded to the Alberta Ministry of Advanced Education. 

Students currently enrolled will still be able to complete their degrees, even if the program is terminated.

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