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How to stand out in your jean jacket this semester

By Rachel Woodward, October 3 2017 —

As the weather cools off, an old trend is returning to campus. Students everywhere are digging out their parents’ old Eddie Bauer jean jackets to cover in patches, pins and other hip trinkets. Here are a few ways to keep your jacket unique within the extremely mainstream trend.


Iron those patches:

If you can still see the colour of the jacket’s denim, you haven’t added enough patches. Anything can be a patch. Extremely obscure reference to a show you’ve barely heard of? Slap that patch on there. Something vaguely sexual that makes you feel uncomfortable but will also make you look edgy? Start warming up that iron. Memes? Patch. It’s easy. Hit up Hot Topic and start rifling through the patch bin. You’re so close to being the hip version of yourself you’ve always dreamed of. Just never wash your jacket. The smell will add to the generally hip vibes you’ll be putting out.


Pin up, girl:

Whoever said walking through halls silently is a good idea is wrong. If you can’t hear the hip sounds of enamel pins tapping against each other as you walk, you’re not doing it right. Enamel pins are in right now. Spend all your savings on little metal images of people, animals, plants and donuts. If it can be made into a pin, buy it. Every time the pin pierces your skin after the back falls off, know you’re just that much closer to being considered hip.


Put a flower on it:

Flowers are a great way to show people that even though your jacket is punk as fuck, you still have a soft side. Sew some petals onto the collar and get ready to chill out, because you’re a hippie now. Congratulations. Whether it’s a patch, a pin or just a Sharpie that you found on the floor of the bus, draw a damn flower on that coat. It’s cute — and hip, I promise.


Buy lots of black pants:

Because this hip jacket is the only thing you’re going to want to wear until the end of time, you better throw out all the jeans you own. You don’t have the balls to sport a denim-on-denim Canadian tuxedo at school. Just buy black pants. They go with everything and will never clash with your beloved coat.


Your jacket is a political statement now:

Put your controversial opinions out there through jacket decor. It’s less risky than using your words. Swears and explicit imagery can now find a home on your shoulders. A vagina patch? Go for it. “Shit” written in cursive on a pin? Hell yeah. Get ready world, this jacket is so scary, it’s hip.


Throw out your jean jacket:

These jackets shouldn’t be called “jackets” at all. They barely retain any heat. We live in Calgary. Get rid of it.


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