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The real A-to-Zed list for why Calgary is ready for Amazon HQ2

By Derek Baker, October 19 2017 —

You’ve probably heard by now that Amazon is looking for a home for their a second corporate headquarters. Many Calgarians are rejoicing at the possibility, especially during tough economic times.

A recent post by the Calgary Economic Development organization came up with 23 reasons — one for every letter of the alphabet, from A-to-Zed — for why HQ2YYC should exist. We were inspired and wrote our very own.


A: Acrostic Poems. As Calgarians, we learned how to make these in Grade 2. And they’re really creative.

B: Bidding War. We will probably not win this, but we’re giving it our best shot.

C: Corporate Welfare. Because why spend money on services for citizens? That’s not the Calgary way. Corporations are individuals, too.

D: Denver. The crummy knock-off version of Calgary. Their hockey team is worse, too.

E: Extortion. This is fine.

F: First-born. We will all give you this, Amazon, if you come to Calgary.

G: Grovelling.What we’re doing to curry your favour, oh mighty Amazon executives.

H: Hippos. These animals from the zoo literally escaped last time Calgary flooded. Every office should have a pet hippo.

I: Internet. Yup, we have that here. How do you think we posted this?

J: Johnny Jew from New York. Notable friend of Ward Sutherland, who is a member of the Calgary Economic Development board of directors and is city councillor for Ward 1.

K: What is this letter?

L: Laser-beam eyes. Every Calgarian has these implanted in their retinas when they are born.

M: This letter doesn’t exist.

N: Nationalization. Alberta might nationalize weed. This should happen. Who knows — maybe they can ship it through Amazon Prime.

O: Orgasm. What the city will collectively have if you come here.

P: Pedophile’s Guide. Y’all once defended selling this book, but that’s okay.

Q: Quiznos. Ten locations in Calgary, baby.

R: Red couches. Modern interior design at its finest.

S: Sensitivity training. We did not pay attention to this.

T: Treatment of workers. Badly.

U: Unions. These are very scary.

V: Vacancy. We have almost 13-million square feet of office space available downtown. Please, take it all.

W: I’ve never heard of this letter either.

X: Xenophobia: We’ve got it!

Y: Yaks. We do not have yaks here.

Z: Zero. The per cent chance Amazon actually comes to Calgary.


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