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New Music: Dom Fricot

By Rachel Woodward, March 23 2018 — 

Dom Fricot, a Vancouver-grown singer-songwriter, takes a giant leap forward as an artist with his third release, Deserts. Moving towards a more experimental and electronic sound, Fricot’s 2018 release is a well-rounded and emotional journey through heartache and loneliness that is bound to strike a chord with those who listen along. Deserts will be released in three parts, with the first one hitting the online soundwaves on April 5.

Fricot’s 2012 EP, If Baby Could Walk, featured soulful songwriting and catchy, striking melodies. Since then, his 2014 release, Sweet Little Fantasy, demonstrated a more mature sound with polished soundscapes and heartfelt revelations. Deserts, however, presents truly gripping lyrics and a move towards a more produced sound that delivers audiences with a refined body of work.

The album opens with “Echoes,” a highly produced track that moves away from Fricot’s signature acoustic sound. The track nods to retro synth beats, starting the album off with mellow vibes that Fricot continues to weave throughout. “Help is Needed” is a gentle shout for change, with Fricot relaxing into the comfortable nature of the track.

“Time Flies” and “Measure Up” continue the mellow electronic style of the album, which is a welcome change from Fricot’s previous releases. Fricot finds a way to meld his soulful lyrics and warm voice with beautiful melodic underlay and trance-like beats.

“Meredith Clark” stands in as a league of its own on the album, with dark vocals and eerie strings accompanying sinister lyrics and a strange, sensual ambiance. The track maintains the mood of its preceding tracks, while diverging into the darker side of Fricot’s music.

The album ends with two tracks that feel reminiscent of Fricot’s earlier albums and are sure to leave all who listen with full hearts and tapping toes. “Hold You” has simple and effective lyrics and “Slippery Slope” shows off the singer’s vocal talent and ability to evoke vast emotions with simple lyricism. Deserts is an enthralling musical journey. Be sure to catch Fricot this spring in local bars like the Ironwood Bar and Grill, where he frequents as a solo act and with his folk music troupe, Folk Road Show.

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