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Timeless friendship begins as guy asks classmate for pen

By David Stewart, October 13 2018 —

A once in a lifetime event occurred in ECON 328 last week when University of Calgary student Karl Kroninberg asked his fellow classmate for a writing utensil.

“I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous. I mean, I don’t know who this guy is or what he’s about,” he said. “Does he kill and eat his classmates? Maybe. But that was a chance I had to take.”

Kroninberg said after the initial wave of fear, he was determined to get a pen — preferably blue — but would settle for a mechanical pencil. Little did he know he would receive far more than he asked for.

“So, I went in. I asked for a pen and he offered me three different varieties,” he said. “Blue, black, even green. I took the blue, of course. It was a really pleasant exchange.”

Kroninberg states he chatted with the Good Samaritan intermittently during the class, bonding over TV programs and almost-legal weed.

“Me and him got pretty chummy, I must say. He digs Seinfeld and he blazes phat,” he said. “It was the first interesting ECON class I’ve ever been in.”

Kroninberg said he gets good vibes from this guy and sees many possibilities for their friendship in the future.

“I could definitely see us going to a couple Thursdens together,” he said. “Maybe starting a band, learn some tunes, then have a tragic falling out over a woman. Should be fun.

“Lets just say I showed up to class, I needed a pen and yada yada yada, I’ve found a best friend,” Kroninberg added.

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