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Signs that you’re not like other girls

By Farah Refaey, October 10 2019 —

Have you ever been told you were different, unique or even quirky? Have you noticed that you don’t get along with other girls because they just don’t “get it”? Do you ever think “Maybe I’m just wired differently?” You’re not into all the typically-feminine interests or activities, and that’s okay! Just be who you are! This article was written to celebrate how totally special you are.

1. You’re really into sci-fi!

Girls don’t like sci-fi, because science is in the name. Girls like romance novels and walks on the beach, but not you. You like aliens and time travelling. Science was your favourite subject in school. Your favourite fun fact — some reptiles can change sexes if they get too hot. Most girls can’t even spell the word reptile. RIP to them, but you’re different.

2. You don’t dress like other girls!

Your favourite outfit is the one you burst out of the (metaphorical) egg wearing, baby! A trip to the mall has never appealed to you like it does to other girls. Actually, you don’t like to leave the house often. If you think about it, you really only leave the house for food.

3. You don’t comply with gender roles!

Sometimes you think if you were born as the opposite sex, you would do just fine. Hell, sometimes you even think “If I had to, I could turn into the opposite sex right now and it wouldn’t even matter.” You do what you gotta do to maintain your lineage, or even just to maintain your cool in the summer. Gender roles are so late ‘00s!

4. You have beautiful sparkling green eyes!

Your eyes are so beautiful it’s almost… unnatural. Perhaps supernatural. You’ve been told they’re captivating. Tantalizing. Oh well! Good genes! Did you know only 2 per cent of the population has green eyes? You’re so rare and unique.

5. You don’t believe in God!

You’ve seen things that faith and organized religion can neither explain nor fight. Things so powerful, and real — so painfully real — they make the most gruesome Bible stories sound like fairy-tales. Things that you can never escape. Things that when you close your eyes, you see printed on the inside of your eyelids. Things like… UGG boots and pumpkin spice lattes. Ew! You’re not basic.

6. You are constantly reapplying moisturizer!

It feels like you’re sunburnt all year round! Your skin is constantly peeling. You’ve tried everything from serums to lotions to exotic masks. It’s almost like there’s something beneath that top layer of skin just begging to come out. Something… powerful and terrifying. It’s probably eczema.

6. You’ve tried crickets!

Some people may find them gross, but not you! You’re not like other people. You chase the crunch of fried crickets. Sometimes raw crickets. Sometimes live crickets. You’re so quirky!

6. You’re a night-owl!

Late at night you can be found taking slow walks in nature — mostly just your own backyard. You like to stay in the shadows, you crawl around the edges, staying close to the fence. That’s where the crickets like to hide. But they can’t hide from you. You were born for the hunt. Adrenaline pumps through your very small, cold veins as you get ready to lunge. At the speed of light, yet also in slow-motion, your tongue erupts and wraps around the poor unsuspecting bug. You race back inside, your stomach full. Insomnia is so annoying.

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