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Anime Club welcomes all kinds

By Sophia Lopez, February 27 2020— 

With the rise of new and exciting clubs, existing clubs have felt the competition rising. Every club wants to ensure that they gain plenty of members and that each person enjoys their experience. The Anime Club happens to be one of these existing clubs, hoping to expand and draw in more people to join. 

For those unfamiliar with the club, Sammi Thai, president of the Anime Club, discussed what goes on during club gatherings. 

“We do screenings of anime around a certain theme each week and do activities such as video games and board games,” said Thai.

As our world continues to advance technologically, the Anime Club has begun to develop and advance their social platforms, as well as forming activities that allow people to interact using technology. 

“We’ve been focusing on reorganizing the social media, straightening up our paperwork and especially putting more emphasis on the activities, as this is the age of where people can easily stream a lot of the anime.” said Thai. “We’ve also begun offering a two-tier membership for our clubs to attract more members.

“We also got a Discord where other anime fans are welcome to join in on our conversation and interact with our other executives, including myself. It gets pretty lively in our chats.”

More importantly, this club is making sure they form a healthy environment where people are free to express themselves as they please, as well as of course, discuss anime freely. 

“We’re a safe place to talk about anime without being judged on whether you’re new or a veteran,” said Thai.

Other executives along with Thai, are working on different memberships that will help attract more people and provide a more serious foundation for the club. 

“We do offer a free membership to those who want to join us for our weekly meetings,” said Thai. “The paid memberships will get them access to our more exclusive events where we will have free food.”

Aside from advancing their own club, the Anime Club has also begun to work with other clubs, who plan on hosting sales and events together, such as a Snack Sale on Mar. 5 with the Western Animation Club, and a crossover with Geeks United in late March.

Based on the changes this club is wishing to accomplish, joining this club sounds like the perfect opportunity to be surrounded by those with similar interests in anime, as well as making new friends and sharing opinions.

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