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SU releases statement on anti-Asian hate crimes

By Danise Simpelo, March 30 2021—

On March 23, the SU released a statement regarding the heightened escalation of anti-Asian hate crimes happening in both Calgary and Canada.

The statement publicly denounces these acts of hatred and promotes to stand as a unified front against any forms of prejudice and racism.

The current Students’ Union (SU) President Frank Finley alongside VP Student Life Assad Ali Bik, VP External Marley Gillies, VP Academic Semhar Abraha and VP Operations and Finance Mohammad Ali all signed the statement to show their solidarity in fighting this issue. 

In the statement, it gives examples of the current hate-related crimes occurring in light of the pandemic such as a Muslim woman being physically assaulted, a man in a wheelchair being attacked when confronting an anti-mask protestor and anti-mask protestors wearing antisemitic imagery during a march through Prince’s Island Park.

The SU’s response stated, “It is not radical to believe that one should not fear for their safety because of their religion, skin colour, ethnicity, sexual identity, or ability.” Their statement encourages supporting one another to stand up and take action when there are acts of hatred being committed. 

In regards to discrimination or mistreatment at the University of Calgary, the SU provided supports in contacting them directly, the contact page of the U of C Ombudsperson and a list of anti-racism work and resources.

The statement closes, saying, “We stand with those fighting against prejudice and racism at UCalgary and in the rest of our society. Students have been at the forefront of many social movements, so let us fight for a future we can proud of.” 

For details about the SU’s statement about anti-Asian racism, click here.

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