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WOODZ returns with an EP for all romantics

By Roog Kubur, November 2 2021—

Korean pop soloist WOODZ has returned with his third EP, Only Lovers Left on Oct. 5. This EP is full of the classic WOODZ sound that he has strengthened over his career. It’s complete with his sweet vocals over skillfully produced beats and a mixture of English and Korean lyrics that explore the full scope of his talent. 

Each track brings something distinct to the table while remaining cohesive to the entire EP. The first track, “Multiply,” has a mellow instrumental, with soft strings and a gentle bassline. “Thinking bout you” is a higher-energy, pop-sounding song with the chorus repeating, “I can’t help but think about you” over a bouncy beat. These two tracks are perfect listening for a cold morning, warming you up with romantic lyrics and catchy melodies. “Sour candy” is a flirty track reminiscent of ‘60s pop, full of cheeky adlibs and a rap verse to remind listeners of the singer’s full musical prowess. 

The lyrical theme of “Sour candy” continues with the track “Kiss of fire,” a percussion-heavy, darker song with an intense bassline, punchy synth and lyrics singing “ignite the fire in my soul / I’m burning from your kisses.” 

This coincides perfectly with “Chaser,” which has a gritty guitar under futuristic synths to bring the energy back up. The EP concludes with its only single, “Waiting.” It perfectly ushers in the central theme of all tracks — yearning — with the opening lyrics “I’m still just waiting.” The bassline comes in to slowly introduce each element of the song, gradually building until it comes into full effect with the chorus. 

The simple-but-effective guitar and subtle harmonies over a breathy falsetto, the song flexes WOODZ’s producing and writing skills. The technique of gradually introducing elements throughout the song was present throughout every track but “Waiting” proves to be the cherry on top of the entire project, making every minute worth the wait.

WOODZ continues to impress with his music, creating a fully-rounded EP that offers something for any mood. The soloist has always been bold with his music, making sure that two releases never sound the same, while maintaining his signature, elevated sound. This project was the perfect addition to his discography, cementing himself as a jack-of-all-trades. It was a clear growth from his previous EP, Woops, without overshadowing it. This is the perfect almost-winter listen, warming the hearts of any hopeless romantic who happens to come across it.

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