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ACTORS returns to Calgary for Terminus 2022

By Sheroog Kubur, July 27 2022

ACTORS are a Canadian band who have time and time again proven themselves not to be bound by any genres but instead by the music itself. The band is dark and experimental, treating each release as a challenge to push the limits of what post-punk is supposed to sound like. This summer is also a major year for the group — aside from their upcoming performance at Terminus Festival and North American and European tour, the group will also be celebrating their 10-year anniversary. 

With this milestone in mind, the band is releasing a special album on vinyl composed of their earlier singles and a re-recorded version of their debut single, “P T L (Post Traumatic Love),” titled Reanimated. The name of the single is enough to strike a chord with post-punk fans across the country, as the song remains one of their most iconic releases. It walks the line between dark synth and post-punk, creating the perfect soundtrack to the cyberpunk fantasy. 

The original single was released in 2012 and was created on a laptop in frontman Jason Corbett’s old apartment. Despite its humble beginnings, it’s still a song that resonates with its listeners. The re-recorded version maintains the appeal of the original while flexing the band’s 10 years of experience. 

“It just goes to show that no matter how well something’s mixed or recorded, if the song strikes a chord with people and it resonates, it doesn’t need all the bells and whistles, it can still capture its audience,” said Corbett about the appreciation for the original track. 

Photo courtesy Shannon Hemmett

With the hazy and evocative atmosphere being brought out during Terminus, it’s only fitting that ACTORS play are added to the mix. Moody and dark, Terminus Festival is the place that teeters the line between punk and synthwave, inviting artists across the globe to embrace this niche subgenre. This performance will be a much welcome return to Calgary from the group, the city that helped them get signed to their current label, Artoffact Records. 

Back in 2017, Chris Hewitt, the owner of Dickens Pub and the man who organizes Terminus Festival, had reached out to the group in hopes of booking them for the show. While initially hesitant, the group eventually came around after talking to him. 

“He said “You’ll be playing to your people,”” Corbett recollected from that conversation. “I didn’t know what that meant. I was really oblivious to the growing fan base for ACTORS and the growing fan base for this kind of sub genre.” 

To their people ACTORS were playing indeed — the band had a steady growing fanbase in Calgary for years alongside the increasing appreciation for gothic music. After their performance they were approached by an Artoffact Records representative and signed onto the label within a year. Needless to say, ACTORS returning to Calgary is a highly anticipated event. Just weeks ahead of the release of Reanimated, this will be just a taste for what’s coming later in the summer. 

Despite being labelled as post punk, ACTORS is a band that has never been confined to a genre. They have been carving their own path since the release of their first single, and will have a full-circle moment with the release of their newest album. Seeing this music being brought to life at Terminus Festival is something that should not be missed, especially when the group has this many tricks up their sleeve. 

Sheroog’s Recommendation: “P T L (Post Traumatic Love)” for a certified post-punk classic and “Once More With Feeling” to be consumed by the overwhelming darkness.

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