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Calgary date combinations based off your area

By Amanda Wilson, September 2 2022

Calgary is a large and diverse city, which comes with the pleasure of meeting people from all backgrounds and experiences. Because Calgary is also defined by its sprawl, many feel a close kinship and pride with the area that they live in. Once you have found that special someone that you wish to impress with your roots, I offer you these recommended dates to whisk away the object of your eye.

Olympic Plaza and Tim Horton’s — Downtown

This one is a personal favourite, because not only does it showcase our beautiful downtown and cultural dependence upon Timmies, but it is also adaptable to all seasons. In the summer you two may frolic through the waterpark and grab an icecap — and in the winter your mitten-wrapped hands can hold while figure skating before warming up with a hot chocolate.

Nose Hill Park and Seniore’s Pizza — Northwest

Nose Hill Park is one of the greatest natural getaways that Calgary has to offer. With sprawling paths and city views, it is certainly a romantic spot to chat-up your crush. Seniore’s is also renowned for being one of Calgary’s best deep-dish pizza spots that is open at all hours. Bonding with someone over greasy pizza is the only way.

River walk and The Place — Bowness

Bowness has its own charm being tucked away in the foothills, and it is easy to understand why the neighbourhood defines itself by its many parks and proximity to the river. Basking in nature is one of the best ways to humbly connect with someone. Speaking of humble, The Place is a homey Italian restaurant that has been warming up Calgarians since the 80s. Their baked pasta cannot be missed.

Shawarma Palace and Prairie Winds Park — Northeast

Northeast Calgary easily gets overlooked, but it is an area that is brimming with personality. The local cuisine in the Northeast is undeniable perfection, and my favourite spot is Shawarma Palace. No matter how you dress your wrap or platter, it is guaranteed that you will be blown away by the flavour. The Northeast also offers various natural escapes, but I recommend a night time picnic atop the hill of Prairie Winds Park. Here, you may fall in love with each other while the light of Baitun Nur Mosque shines off one another.

Paradise Lanes and International Avenue — Forest Lawn

Paradise Lanes truly speaks for itself. The atmosphere is classically laidback, and there’s no better way to flirt than with friendly competition. In terms of food, I cannot speak enough about the excellence that 17th ave SE has to offer. Pho Dau Bo is a personal favourite for rice noodles. Other favourites include Golden Cactus Mexican Grill, and Chillies Pakistani Restaurant. The diversity is endless on the East side.

Sandy Beach and Monogram Coffee — Southwest

Sandy Beach is a very sweet spot where you can play by the river surrounded by cliff sides. The park also makes a great setting for a game of badminton or volleyball — and it is a prime dog-watching spot. Monogram is easily one of Calgary’s best coffee roasters and offers the cutest aesthetics for a coffee date.

Fish Creek Park and Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant  — Deep South

Fish Creek Park is one of the largest urban parks in North America and it is full of activities. It is great for biking, picnicking, wildlife watching and there is an area for swimming. Within the park is Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant, which is an upscale setting that offers immaculate entrées and fancy cocktails. 

Crescent Heights and Peters’ Drive-In — Northeast

Even though this one was saved for last, it does not mean it is the best. It is an obligatory addition because it is a Calgary staple, but if you want to impress your date we do urge you to be more creative.

One thing that we can all agree on is that dating can be difficult and awkward, but it does not have to be. Getting to know someone should and can be tons of fun, so I do hope that you go to these iconic Calgary classics to make memorable moments.

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