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2023 Alberta provincial election: Oaklen Davidsen

By Nazeefa Ahmed, May 23 2023—

Candidate Oaklen Davidsen did not respond to the Gauntlet’s request for an interview, so here is what students can expect solely based on the platform of the Wildrose Party Coalition (WPC). 

The WPC platform points focus on truth, trust, and taxes. They intend to challenge the climate change initiative, which includes the federal government’s plan to have net-zero emissions by 2050 which was enshrined in the Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act in 2021.

“A vote for Wildrose Loyalty Coalition is a mandate to say no to Carbon Net Zero. A vote for Wildrose Loyalty Coalition is a mandate to say no to Ottawa,” reads a statement on their website. 

The party also objects to government assistance, and will promote a laissez faire economic system. They intend on decreasing taxes on food, energy, and property to decrease government spending power. 

“We trust and will protect the free market; we will end government corporate handouts and economic interference,” reads another statement on their website. 

The WPC’s leader, Paul Hinman has served twice in Alberta’s Legislature. The Coalition was formed in March 2023 and became a registered political party for the Alberta election on May 1 of this year. Hinman hopes to send a message to Ottawa and protect Alberta’s sovereignty.  

“He recognizes the need to create a new Constitution that recognizes the Supremacy of God, the Rule of Law and protects the individual’s inalienable rights of: Life, Freedom, Property, and the Pursuit of Happiness,” read another statement on their website. 

More information about the party can be found on their website

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