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U of C faculty edition: What stereotype are you?

By Freeha Anjum, May 28 2023—

For every degree you aren’t in, you’ve probably heard some common things about them — whether that be positive or negative. But if you haven’t heard, or if you’re new to the university, you better get acquainted fast. Here are common stereotypes for some U of C faculties:


We all hear their “What time is it? Schulich time!” chant at the beginning of the school year, and even heard it at their in-person orientation during COVID-19 (*cough cough* which only they got). Engineering is, without a doubt, the U of C’s favourite child. If you have the “honour” of meeting an engineering student, get ready to listen to why your degree is inferior for 20 minutes.


These are the “jocks” of the university because they’re the only ones here with time to stay physically healthy — since they get university credit for it. The university treasures them too, but the students are so nice and humble that you can’t even resent them for that. You kinda wish you could be them, but it’s okay, at least they make great gym buddies.


These students are at the peaks of mental instability, but they’ll never admit it. “Nah, it’s just stress from school” they’ll say — but is it really? You can’t sleep because you’re dreaming about failing the test you wrote 2 weeks ago — I don’t think that’s normal. But they live in denial. These guys will survive their week off a total of 5 hours of sleep and 17 Monster energy drinks, then wonder why they’re burnt out.


Arts students will ask you to hang out during midterm season because they’re done with their homework like its high school or something — what do you mean done? Apparently, their workload is hard, but I don’t really see how handing in a colouring book once a month could be that difficult.

Cumming School of Medicine

You will know who the health science kids are the second you walk into a room. They’ll ask you what your major is, only for the purpose of having it asked back. Then they’ll tell you, and hold for applause. I admit their workload is cut-throat, but their pretentiousness makes it harder to feel bad for them.

Haskayne School of Business

Business is, well — let’s just say, they got a whole new shiny building for their show and tell classes now. These degrees feel like cheating — you’re telling me they get a practical degree and don’t have to do any actual work for it? You likely won’t even see a Business student your entire degree because they’re either out partying or travelling the world. Ah, to be a Business student.

Werklund School of Education

It must feel weird to be in university but have high school level classes, huh? While you cry over your abstract algebra course, these guys are learning what y = mx + b means. I’m sure they do some work though, right? But at the end of the day, at least we aren’t dooming ourselves to a lifetime of dealing with kids who hate us.

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