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U of C unveils new strategic plan for 2023-2030

By Sheroog Kubur, July 9 2023

The U of C announced its new strategic plan for the next seven years that will guide the institution. The plan was finalized through the Board of Governors vote on June 23 and came into effect on July 1. It will be formally implemented in the fall. 

“Our new strategic plan, Ahead of Tomorrow, articulates the values, goals, purpose and strategic approaches that will guide us through the next seven years,” said President Ed McCauley. “The development of this plan reflects the collaborative nature and entrepreneurial spirit of our communities, and we are excited about where we are going next.”

The Ahead of Tomorrow plan emphasizes the need for the university to be ahead of the curve when it comes to the changing world. There is a focus on addressing the issues of today and the future while cultivating an environment that creates forward-thinking solutions to universal issues, which involves a focus on the strengths of the university as a research-oriented institution and redefining entrepreneurship to empower those in the university. 

The guiding values for the strategic plan are equity, diversity, inclusion, accessibility, Indigenous engagement; mental health, global engagement and sustainability. Each value has been implemented into the plan through various goals and strategies. 

The plan follows four key strategies that will shape their overarching goals for the coming years. This includes increasing accessibility to future-focused education, using research to address societal issues and emphasizing community and increased transparency in the processes to bring ideas to life. 

The steps to address each strategy include transforming the U of C into a number one in the U15, the collective of research universities in Canada, maximizing the impact of research, removing barriers to conducting research and educating a new generation of leaders.  

The Ahead of Tomorrow plan started development in September 2022. It was constructed through community and campus consultation and collaboration, including a series of online surveys, workshops and focus groups. The information was then gathered to find key themes and modes of action. 

“One of the themes that emerged from the workshops and interviews was a desire to be ahead of the change that is happening in our society,” said Mohammad Keyhani, an associate professor from the Haskayne School of Business and consultant on the plan. “There is a lot of anxiety because of the uncertainty, and people want the university to be a thought leader or a pillar to cling onto in this time of uncertainty.”

The complete plan and details of each goal can be found on the Ahead of Tomorrow website.

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