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FROSH 2023: Campus Dietary Options

By Nazeefa Ahmed, September 5 2023—

Being a student can be stressful, but thankfully we can eat to take the edge off. Whether it is grabbing a pastry before class or having lunch with friends you haven’t seen in a while, eating good food can make your day a little bit brighter.

Here are some of my go-to food recommendations for a reliable, delicious and affordable meal while following dietary restrictions.

Bake Chef

For Muslim students, Bake Chef serves halal chicken and beef in their jam-packed Vietnamese subs. The umami flavour of the protein paired with their secret sub sauce makes for a fulfilling meal that will last you the whole day. Just don’t eat the entire sub in one sitting or you will crash like I did before a midterm. For a small meal, try their affordable stuffed buns.


There is nothing wrong with embracing a classic. A wrap meal combo or a stuffed Olympus Bowl is more than enough to get you through a tough day of classes. I recommend the shrimp pita wrap with their Caesar salad. And, if you ask nicely, they are very generous with the extra sauce. 

Good Earth

Their food items are labelled with vegan, gluten-friendly, dairy-free or egg-free tags so it is easy to find menu items compatible with your diet. They also have almond and oat milk for those who actually obey their lactose restrictions. Grab a breakfast panini or a chocolate scone before a long study session. Their vegetarian Praline Brownie is my favourite Friday treat.


The Den caters a variety of rolls and meals for the Stör. Their chickpeas burritos and other vegetarian options are healthy dietary options for someone trying to avoid the deep-fried MacEwan Hall food. 

The Coffee Company

When waiting in the Tim’s line is not worth it anymore, try the coffee shop right across. They also have many milk alternatives and delicious pastries for breakfast. Their cakes are also a very fulfilling meal themselves. 

The Landing

Students without a meal plan are able to have meals in the Landing if they pay at the front. The buffet-style allows you to eat to your heart’s content. There are halal, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options. I would recommend the Landing for really late meals when everything is closed. 

Osmow’s Shawarma

If you are taking a longer break, walk to the University District with some friends for some delicious —  halal — shawarma. Their portion sizes are enough to fill you up for three business days. If you dare to choose the highest spice level, you will find yourself crying in the washroom for the same amount of time.

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