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Style Scoop: Chui

By Glory Okeleke, September 27 2023—

Get this, It’s the first day back to school at the U of C campus for many after the long (or brief) summer holiday, so you already know the fits are going to be flames. Already in anticipation of the fine individual whom I’d eventually cross paths with for the interview, I was left astounded upon noticing the style prodigy that is Chui. In accord with his spectacular name, Chui possessed the most spirited style I witnessed all throughout Tuesday. Still in the western essence, Chui was outfitted in a country look of a fitted tank beneath a dusty rose-pink jacket, pieced with some dark rust-brown bell bottoms, all tied together with a pair of burnt orange cowboy boots. 

Did you have any specific aim or intent of putting this whole look together?

“Literally just put clothes on my body and that was about it,” said Chui. His comeback left me surprised. Then after some thought, I came to the realization that sometimes style is a phenomenon that is simply innate to some — Chui being one of such. 

What would you say inspires your style the most?

“My process of buying clothes is if I like it, I buy it, then I tweak it sometimes,” said Chui, His “if I like it then I wear it” mentality, although simple and straightforward, plays an instrumental role in the encapsulation of his uniqueness and creativity when it comes to fashion. As he alluded in an attempt to describe his style, Chui explained that he frankly purchased whatever caught his attention; essentially, he’s got a good eye. This would later on account for all of the quality jewelry which he had on as well. 

Could I get a breakdown of your outfit and where you purchased everything from?

To address this question, Chui revealed to me that he often times engaged in the sphere of refashioning and sewing together different pieces of clothing. Another fun but not-so-surprising fact I learned about Chui was that he works at a consignment store, this seriously helped put a lot of things into perspective.

Otherwise known among his peers as a fashion guru, Chui established in conversation that he had sewn together basically everything he had on by modifying and redecorating his older pieces. 

As for the cowboy boots, he purchased those from the consignment store where he currently works.

Do you have any essential fashion/styling tips to share with those on campus?

“Look at Micheal Jackson’s outfits between the years of 1979 and 1992, then try and replicate those,” said Chui. And for me, that was it, that was the detail and profoundness that I was on a mission to uncover the whole time. 

Chui is also a History major, so now we all understand where that fundamental styling tip stems from.

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