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Review: Artist’s Choice at the Alberta Society of Artists

By Katelyn Liakos, October 27 2023—

Tucked away on the upper level of the Crossroads Market, accessible via a narrow staircase, you’ll discover the Alberta Society of Artists. Despite its inconspicuous location, this organization plays a significant role in Calgary’s vibrant art scene. Their current exhibition, titled Artist’s Choice, offers a visual treat for art enthusiasts. Artist’s Choice is a diverse collection of carefully curated artworks submitted by current and lifelong members of the Alberta Society of Artists. 

The exhibition showcases an extensive array of artistic mediums, including acrylic paintings, sculptural paper art, gouache, two- and three-dimensional fibre art, photography, oil paintings, mixed media and much more. The works encompass everything from those leaning towards the craft side to pieces that embrace a more fine art perspective and everything in between. If you’re seeking a contemporary show with a cohesive theme, this may not be the exhibition for you. However, if you’re looking to support local artists within your community, this exhibition is well worth your time.

During my visit to the gallery, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the small-town galleries I’ve explored throughout Alberta. The sense of a close-knit community behind the Alberta Society of Artists was palpable. From the dedicated staff and jury members to the artists themselves, it’s evident that great care went into curating the exhibition. The cozy, carpeted gallery comprises two levels for you to explore, with every available section of the wall adorned with the work of 40 different artists. The exhibited works range from landscapes and portraits to photography to fibre art and more abstract pieces. Once again, the exhibition evoked the warm atmosphere of a local community art gallery.

As someone with a background in fine art, I found the art on display to be a poignant reminder that not every piece of art needs to be accompanied by 40 hours of research. Art can be created purely for the joy of creating, and with each piece, I could discern the passion and dedication behind it. It underscores the idea that not all art must be produced within an academic context.

Will a landscape painting revolutionize your worldview? Likely not, but it doesn’t have to. Art is meant to be accessible to everyone, not just for enjoyment but also for creation. The Alberta Society of Artists is actively promoting this accessibility at all levels. If you want to see what your local community is producing, I highly recommend visiting Artist’s Choice at The Alberta Society of Artists.

Artist’s Choice is showing at the Alberta Society of Artists until Oct. 28. For more information, visit the Alberta Society of Artists website.

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