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The SRC and YW Calgary unite for community empowerment in healthcare

By Vama Saini, December 23 2023—

In the landscape of community healthcare, the Student Run Clinic (SRC) stands out as a beacon of hope and transformation. Founded by the MD class of 2011, this non-profit organization has been steadfast in its mission to provide accessible and quality medical care to the inner-city population. With a recent expansion in April 2023, and joining forces with YW Calgary, the SRC is set to make an even more profound impact on healthcare disparities and community empowerment.

The SRC operates with a dedicated team of medical students and physicians who collaborate to offer after-hours care for those in need. At its core, the SRC seeks to reduce barriers faced by Calgary’s underserved by bringing together a multidisciplinary team of students, professionals and community leaders. This collaborative effort is geared towards providing equitable and quality wellness services and programming.

The services provided by the SRC extend beyond basic medical care. In addition to first aid and prescriptions, the clinic offers specialist referrals, wellness workshops, assistance in finding a family doctor and chronic disease counselling and management. This comprehensive approach reflects the SRC’s commitment to addressing not just immediate medical needs but also the long-term well-being of the community it serves.

One of the unique aspects of the SRC is its reliance on student volunteers. This not only allows medical students to gain valuable hands-on experience but also fosters community engagement and service. Students work in pairs, spending time with each patient to gather information about their health and needs.

The interaction between medical students and patients goes beyond clinical care. It’s about building relationships and understanding the social determinants of health that affect individuals. This holistic approach ensures that the care provided by the SRC is not only medically sound but also considers the unique circumstances and challenges faced by each patient.

The recent partnership between the SRC and YW Calgary marks a significant milestone in community healthcare. YW Calgary, a leading organization dedicated to empowering women and their families, provides a natural extension for the SRC’s services. The collaboration enhances the reach of the clinic, tapping into YW Calgary’s extensive network and resources.

As part of this partnership, the SRC now offers wellness workshops in collaboration with YW Calgary, further extending its impact beyond traditional medical care. These workshops cover topics ranging from mental health and nutrition to preventive care, contributing to a more comprehensive and sustainable approach to community well-being.

For students passionate about community service and healthcare, the SRC provides a distinct avenue for involvement. Those interested can join as volunteers, working alongside experienced medical professionals to provide essential care to Calgary’s population. The experience offers a blend of clinical exposure, community engagement and the opportunity to contribute to a noble cause.

To get involved, students can reach out to the SRC executive team, which is primarily composed of students managing various aspects of the clinic’s operations. From operating the reception area and booking appointments to managing fundraisers and educational workshops, there are diverse opportunities for students to develop not only their clinical skills but also valuable leadership and organizational abilities.

To learn more about the SRC’s healthcare initiatives, services and student involvement, visit their website.

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