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SLC approves reappointments to the Review Board and Tribunal

By Vama Saini, February 25 2024—

Last week’s Students’ Legislative Council (SLC) meeting was held on Feb. 13. Resolution 81.35, which focused on reappointing four non-student members to the Review Board and the Tribunal, was discussed and voted upon.

The resolution was presented for approval of the reappointments of non-student members of the Review Board and Tribunal, whose terms had expired in December 2023. The renewals were deemed necessary to fulfill the membership requirements outlined in Sections 5(1) and 5(2) of the Review Board and the Tribunal’s terms of reference. Additionally, the reappointment of these members aimed to ensure that the Review Board and the Tribunal could maintain quorum as required.

President Shaziah Jinnah Morsette highlighted the importance of having these bodies established.

“The Review Board and Tribunal are critical, arms-length elements of the Students’ Union (SU). They operate within the SU but operate like a legislative council. It’s an important body because, ultimately, if things get challenged, these bodies are essential to adjudicate that and go forth with those recommendations and things like that forward from there. Especially as we’re heading into elections, it’s critical that we have these bodies established,” said Morsette.

If approved, the reappointed candidates — Chadwick Newcombe and Ted Coderre as Review Board Members, and Chad Conrad as the Chair of the Tribunal, along with Douglas Yoshida as a Tribunal Member — would begin their two-year terms immediately.

Following the discussion, the resolution was subject to a vote, and the Council unanimously approved the reappointments of the mentioned candidates to the Review Board and the Tribunal.

For agendas, minutes and upcoming meetings, visit the SU website.

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